La venganza de Strickefaster Parte 1

La venganza de Strickefaster  Parte1

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Comentado por ), 26-10-2018, 12:10 (UTC):
The tee you branded as "Burberry Hearts tee" is actually a rep of a Made t shirt! And thank you for this astonishing tilt!!

Comentado por Adejoke( ), 01-07-2013, 21:47 (UTC):
I am not claiming that the acautl Christian explanation for existence needs to be taught, and when accurately presented, this isn't what is being asked for by creationists. Given, most if not all creationists are Christian, but I am sure that people would be satisfied with the option of believing that a creator might have made us. I have heard mention of people protesting the reading of a sentence that offers the possibility that God made us. I believe it was Pennsylvania, Dover to be exact, but if it doesn't ring a bell then by all means, deem it inadmissable. All I am saying is that we (Christians) catch a lot of slack for believing what we believe. (I realize that we are not perfect and that we make mistakes that make people angry) but do you ever wonder about the consequences of evolution. If evolution is completely true to the point where there is no God, then there can be no absolutes. In turn, there is no explanation for love, guilt, happiness, goodness, badness. All of these are either deceptions that we have lured ourselves into or shackles we or society has placed on us. How do you explain these things?

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